2,353 Miles. 10 States. 1 River.


Nicknamed the ‘Big Muddy’ America’s second longest river, the Mississippi, stretches a massive 2,353 miles, from its source in Minnesota to where it joins the sea in the Gulf of Mexico. Weaving its way through a grand total of 10 states this stretch of water, brought to life by the writings of Mark Twain, is the stage for Alex and Amit‘s epic fundraising adventure – The Big American Paddle.

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Taking inspiration from young Huckleberry Finn, the Team plan to spend two and a half months journeying along the length of the Mississippi River. Travelling from its source to the sea, in an effort to encourage the Great British public, and those they meet on route, to give generously and help raise as much money as possible for the British Exploring Society.

But, why is this a challenge worthy of your sponsorship?

Though paddling down the Mississippi surrounded by beautiful countryside may not seem like all that much of a hardship on the surface, it’s not all set to be plain sailing (or in this case paddling…). Potentially dangerous brown bears line the banks of the Upper Mississippi and alligators the Lower Mississippi, while uncompromising industrial ships barge their way along trade routes lower down. Each of the 75 days will consist of a hard, 30 mile long slog, our team rising at dawn and pulling in just before dusk in order to get those hard won miles under their belts, the eventual pleasure of sleep threatened by Amit’s incessant and at times deafening snoring… The ultimate adventure – it will be tough but an amazing experience and hopefully one you deem worthy of your sponsorship.